The Greatest Live Action Artist on Earth!

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Art in Concert Shows

Live Virtual

Michael’s shows are stream with MysticVirtual, the most advanced interactive virtual platform ever!

MysticVirtual can simulcast anywhere and can evenr produce your entire virtual event with all the bells & whistles!

Live In-Person

Turnkey live show production at your venue – stage, sound system, theatrical lighting, backdrops, materials, A/V, and an expert production team.

Subject to local and federal restrictions.

Live Hybrid

Mix live in-person with interactive virtual for those who can’t or won’t attend!

Simulcast your event and include remote other presenters, plus interactive audience participation for those at your venue and at home.

Artwork Sales

With Michael, nearly every artwork is sold before the paint has had time to dry! Some works are commission years in advance.

In fact, the only thing faster then the speed Michael paints is the speed his paintings sell out!

The works in the gallery video above are all sold, if you would like a new original version painted, please contact us.

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