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Several years ago, the improbable became possible when Promises2Kids presented Michael Israel with a formidable challenge: raise funds and dazzle their patrons with just a 7-minute time slot. What followed was a journey that would defy expectations and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many.


At the heart of this audacious challenge was Michael, a world-renowned artist and entertainer. His remarkable talents were about to be put to the test in a way that would not only change the trajectory of Promises2Kids but also the lives of countless foster children. Armed with a canvas and an audience filled with anticipation, Michael embarked on a 7-minute live painting performance that would leave everyone in awe.


The response was nothing short of extraordinary. Michael’s ability to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece in a mere 7 minutes captured the imagination of all who were present. His performance was met with thunderous applause, and the patrons of Promises2Kids were not only amazed but also deeply moved to contribute to the cause.


In his first year, Michael shared the stage with Don Felder of the Eagles, setting the bar high for what was to come. The second year brought the enchanting Belinda Carlisle into the mix, adding a musical dimension to the event. And in the third year, the band Daughtry lent their talents, creating a magical fusion of art and music that was nothing short of spectacular.


Yet, the most astonishing part of this incredible journey was the outcome: over $145,000 raised through Michael’s 7-minute performances. This astounding achievement not only underscores Michael’s exceptional artistic abilities but also his unwavering commitment to supporting Promises2Kids and their mission to assist foster children in need.


In the world of fundraising and entertainment, the partnership between Michael Israel and Promises2Kids is nothing short of miraculous. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of art, music, and philanthropy, demonstrating that when talents and passions align, extraordinary things can happen. This story continues to inspire, reminding us that with determination and creativity, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.