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Join us on a journey through the captivating world of Michael Israel, where art meets heart and every performance is a masterpiece.

Latest Insights and Stories

Akron Children’s Hospital Raises $75,000 through Speed Painting Auction by Michael Israel

Discover the success story of Akron Children’s Hospital’s $75,000 art auction featuring speed painter Michael Israel. Read more here. #speedpainting

“Recap of Paint Barefoot on the Beach Concert Event – Thank You to Sponsors and Top Art Bidders in Support of Spectrum Parents Events”

Thank you to everyone who attended our Paint Barefoot on the Beach Concert Event and supported Spectrum Parents Events. Read on for a special thank you to our top art bidders!

The Masterpiece Theater of Michael Israel: A Controlled Chaos of Music and Paint

Discover the controlled chaos of Michael Israel’s Masterpiece Theater, where music and paint come together to create stunning works of art.

Howie Mandel with Lennon Portrait

Howie Mandel auctions his portrait!

“Performing in the Dark: How a Flashlight Show Earned $110,000 for Education”

Read about a performer who proved his show is “the real deal” by performing on a milk crate in a clear tent illuminated by two flashlights.

“Inspecting Fighter with Broken Nose: Dr. Wise and Herbi Thompson Investigate”

Dr. Wise and Herbi Thompson examine a fighter with a broken nose, but the culprit remains a mystery. Read on for more details. #boxing #injury

Michael Israel’s Speedpainting at Armory Art Center

Discover the incredible #speedpainting work of Michael Israel at the Armory Art Center. Check out the past events and be amazed! #michaelisrael

ARTNET NEWS “We’ve seen the future of Art”

Meet Michael Israel, the future of art. With live performances on spinning canvases, he’s like Jackson Pollock, Peter Max and Michael Flatley combined.

Michael Israel’s Art Raises $400,000 for Teammates for Kids Fundraiser at Harrah’s Casino and Resort in Kansas City

Michael Israel’s paintings raised $400,000 for the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Fundraiser. The event raised funds for local children and families in need throughout the Kansas City metro area. Teammates for Kids has served more than 5 million people in the U. S. and Puerto Rico.

Painting with Kevin Costner

Some #WednesdayWisdom to get you over that hump. Be the energy you want to attract! See more from past events: MichaelIsrael.com

A Visual Feast of Creativity

Michael Israel's Art and Events

What People Are Saying

“Michael Israel’s performance was a breathtaking experience. His art not only mesmerized the audience but also raised significant funds for our charity. Truly inspiring!”

Jane Dority

Charity Event Organizer

“Witnessing Michael Israel’s live art show was an unforgettable experience. His dedication to philanthropy is as impressive as his artistic talent. Highly recommend attending his events!”

John Smyth

Celebrity Attendee

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