How To Setup Your Mobile Bidding App For Your Event To Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

How To Setup Your Mobile Bidding App For Your Event To Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

You could hire a mobile bidding provider but beware of hidden costs. Free isn’t really free! It is simple to set up a mobile-friendly website with a name-your-price option that is perfect for mobile bidding. You put QR codes on handouts and banners so your event attendees can easily get to the bidding URL and you can also email and text the link to everyone you have an email or phone number for. Plus you can set up an auto-responder so anyone can text to bid! When they text to the number you set up they get a reply with the bidding link!

Why you should use mobile bidding at your in-person event
Are you having an in-person event with an auction or fund-a-need? Mobile bidding can benefit you by getting you more money by enticing more guests with effortless bidding and donations. You can feature mobile and online bidding for guests who cannot attend in person as well. You can also use it as a lead magnet in your email newsletter.

Add signage near the entrance so people can find your bidding URL or scan a QR code. Provide some digital marketing so people will know about your mobile-friendly event mobile bidding. Then you simply need to put on your event and get the highest bids.

How to set up DIY mobile bidding
You will need some basic skills or hire a professional who will develop your site and implement the bidding code for you. You can then get bids, donations, and payments through your own app. Why is this relevant? It puts you in control of the mobile bidding!

How to activate email bidding
Do this by first sending a large, bold message to everyone on your list “TEXT TO BID – IT’S EASY!” and include the QR code or URL you’ve made so that they can easily bid. They hit the link to bid. There are lots of benefits to mobile bidding. Here are some of the top ones: Multiple forms of payment – visitors can bid with a credit card or pay with a mobile wallet or you can include pay by check options.

How to activate text bidding
QR codes on your brochures, T-shirts, event programs, and printed signs make it easy. To bid, patrons just need to go to their phones and scan the codes with their phone camera. Once they click the links it takes them to enter their bid amount on the bidding page. It is a simple and cost-effective solution that you can use at virtually any event! Set up mobile bidding and start collecting bids! You can also use mobile bidding for giveaways, raffles, discounts, merchandise, and coupons to drive more sales.

We’ve seen a huge explosion in fundraising using mobile bidding technology in the last three years and especially in virtual events during COVID lockdown. It has made a real difference to the fundraising process and increased sales to our events.

Need help or advice setting up mobile bidding? Contact us (888) 579-1056 or [email protected]

Sarasota Visual Art

PAST | $400,000 Raised for Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids

PAST | $400,000 Raised for Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids

Michael Israel’s art generated $400,000!

Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Fundraiser was held at Harrah’s Casino and Resort in Kansas City amongst an upscale crowd along with celebrities such as golfer John Daly, legendary country singer Trish Yearwood, and of course, Garth Brooks. After cocktails and dinner, Michel Israel took the stage and performed three paintings, a portrait of John Daily, one of Trish Yearwood, who would perform later that night in Harrah’s theater, and a fantastic portrait of Garth Brooks. Together with a matching donation, Michael’s artworks raised $400,000 that night!

Michel Israel on Stage
Before his performance, Michael Israel met Garth Brooks backstage. It was incredible! Garth, a seven-time CMA/ACM Entertainer of the Year, really loves kids and the people everywhere, as does Michael, who has a kind heart and passion for life. After the meeting, Michael took his performance to a whole new level. Performing to some of Garth’s biggest hits. The outpouring of love for the kids, the country music star, and for Michael’s painting was extraordinary. Michael performed to Garth Brooks’s portrait to “Friends in Low Places; it sold for $50,000!

The Fundraiser
The event, the Annual Teammates for Kids, is a signature fundraiser for Teammates for Kids, which raises funds for local children and families in need throughout the Kansas City metro area. Since 1998, Teammates for Kids has provided 4,288 in-need children and families with basic needs, including clothing, meals, car repairs, and rent assistance. Teammates for Kids has grown to become a national non-profit organization that has helped countless families over the years. Teammates for Kids has served more than 5 million people in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with $216 million raised. Teammates for Kids has impacted more than 1.5 million children directly and helped more than 2 million through community partnerships. View original content with multimedia:http://var/web/site/public_html.prnewswire.

Michael Israel’s Painting
Michael’s performance of the three portraits was an integral part of the evening and the money raised, an annual event that brings together the creative talent of sports mascots with talented artists to raise awareness for the Kids charity. Each year Michael’s charity work has grown larger, offering up hundreds of paintings for the fans to purchase and enjoy, many of which hang in homes and offices around the world. These paintings, and Michael Israel’s charity efforts, are truly special and a true testament to the heart and soul of the artist.

About Michael Israel
Based in South Florida, Michael is a painter, though he originally aspired to be a martial artist and still trains regularly. In his own words, “When I was 8 years old, I used to tell my mother that I was going to do Karate forever. I fell in love with painting. My early impression of Garth Brooks was to focus on his energy and excitement. His walk and movement in the middle of the stage reminded me of someone in the ring.” He adds that his love for Karate was ignited at 8 years old when his neighbor offered lessons in his garage. “The Karate lessons inspired me to like dragons, which in turn got me into painting them.” At 14, Michael began painting at festivals to earn money for a car, cheering watch as Michael painted to rock and roll music and his own speed-painting style was born.

If you would like to support Michael Israel’s mission to use paint and passion to help others, here are the links to his website. Purchase his art, find out about upcoming shows, or sponsor here: And by all means, follow Michael Israel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. I am confident in saying that we are all lucky to have Michael Israel around.

Michael Israel helps charities raise millions!

ARTNET NEWS “We’ve seen the future of Art”

ARTNET NEWS “We’ve seen the future of Art”


May 6, 2008 

We have seen the future of art, and his name is Michael Israel. Equal parts Jackson PollockPeter Max and Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, the Florida artist was in the news recently when he was commissioned to paint a portrait of super-investor Warren Buffet at his Omaha, Neb., home base last Saturday. The completed likeness is to be sold on eBay this fall as a fundraiser for Girls, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to building self-esteem in young women.

The long-haired, model-handsome Israel works on stage live in front of large, spinning canvases, either painting with his hands or with paintbrushes in both hands, often shirtless, usually accompanied by rock music. His paintings are most often celebrity portraits. An impressive film clip on his website shows him performing in front of screaming crowds, accompanied by exploding confetti bombs and a chorus line of cheerleaders.

So, who is this guy? A long manifesto on his website places him in the lineage of Edouard ManetMark Rothko and other artists who redefined the paradigm of what art is. “Is it a performance? Is he a painter in the artistic sense? Is it a concert? A social commentary? An experience? The answers are all emphatically yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.” The website does, however, add sternly that “while our First Amendment guarantees us the right to make any statement we wish, Michael believes that such freedom comes with the moral obligation to use it for good purpose and not sensationalism and vulgarity for the sake of profit and greed.”

For the Buffet event, several dozen shareholders watched Israel perform at a stage outside Omaha’s Qwest Center. According to the Omaha World-Herald, which also has some great pics of the “live painting” event, Israel started his portrait with the images of a dollar sign and a heart, then conjured Buffet’s face as strobe lights flashed and music by U2 blared. This guy is going to be huge.

PAST | Thank You for Supporting Spectrum Parents Events!

PAST | Thank You for Supporting Spectrum Parents Events!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Paint Barefoot on the Beach Concert Event this past Saturday! Thank you to the sponsors and donors! Thank you for the 65 sales in support of Spectrum Parents Events.

A big thank you to the top art bidders —Coach Pete; congrats on adding 3 new pieces to your massive collection! I know you will enjoy the “SEA 3D” when visitors view the 3D effect and Ooow and Awe! Thank you, Mary H; I can’t wait to hear how people comment on your Lennon portrait when you have it displayed on its unique floating mount!

Thank you, Frances O, for purchasing Liberty, Face the Flames, and Superboy and all your support of Spectrum Parents Events! Thank you, Sara C! I know you will enjoy your Heart & Hands, Superboy, and Face the Flames mixed media original works! Thank You, Elizabeth M; your Liberty artwork is spectacular —Please send us a photo of you next to it when you hang it!

Thank you, Dawn H, and welcome to being one of my newest collectors, along with a shout-out to Rhianon G too! Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to all of my wonderful collectors who have supported my work over the years, making charity benefit shows possible. Together we’ve helped many children and families and have a lot more to do!