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Authenticity & Certificates

Why should I care if my Artwork is Authentic?

The stories are endless—people acquiring artwork by famous artists early in their careers, only to sell too soon and too low, missing out on the fortunes those same pieces would later command. Now is the time to acquire and hold Michael’s art, and the ability to prove its authenticity becomes crucial.

“An Artwork is only as Valuable as its ability to be Authenticated.”

Why is the ability to authenticate artwork so important?

“An Artwork is only as Valuable as its ability to be Authenticated.” Simply the Best magazine nailed it when they said, imagine snagging a “Picasso” or a “Warhol” back when prices were still down-to-earth compared to the mind-boggling millions they go for today. Michael’s charitable initiative not only lets you “steal” his jaw-dropping art but also do some good while you’re at it. Think of investing in “a Michael Israel” now as getting in early on the next Picasso or Warhol. Just like those legendary artists, there comes a time when their art skyrockets from modestly priced to worth princely sums.

So, don’t underestimate the power of authenticity in the art world. It’s what unlocks the true potential of your investment. Go for Michael’s art, backed by the ability to prove its authenticity, and join a creative journey that mirrors the rise of art world superstars.

How do I know if My Artwork is an Authentic Michael Israel?

If you were there to witness Michael creating your artwork, you can be confident it’s the real deal. But once the artwork leaves the artist’s hands, not even the artist can guarantee its authenticity without verification. To prove authenticity to potential buyers, insurance companies, or tax authorities who didn’t witness its creation, you might need certified documents like:

– Certificate of Authenticity printed on super-secure paper
– Letter of Provenance (showing the chain of ownership)
– Letter of value considerations
– Official sale/transfer form
– Related images
– Press clippings
– Videos
– Bill of sale
– Related documents

These additional pieces of evidence help establish the artwork’s authenticity and give others confidence in its value.

Why might I need more than a Certificate of Authenticity?

Anyone can print a piece of paper, like a deed or a certificate. But guess what? If that property deed isn’t officially recorded with the court clerk, it’s as good as worthless. The same goes for a Certificate of Authenticity. If it’s not backed by a credible authority and properly recorded, that certificate might not be worth more than the paper it’s printed on.

How do I get My Artwork Authenticated and receive Certified Documents?

If your artwork is registered in our Registry, we are thrilled to offer you our Certified Authenticity Package. This comprehensive package may include some or all of the following:

– A meticulously crafted Certificate of Authenticity printed on high-security paper.
– A detailed Letter of Provenance that establishes the chain of ownership for your artwork.
– A thoughtful Letter of value considerations, providing insights into the artwork’s significance and worth.
– An official sale/transfer form to ensure proper documentation of the artwork’s transfer of ownership.
– Related images that capture the essence and visual representation of your artwork and its authenticity.
– Press clippings featuring noteworthy mentions or coverage related to your artwork.
– Videos that showcase the creation process or shed light on the artwork’s context and impact.
– A copy of the bill of sale for precise financial records and transparency.
– Additional related documents that strengthen the overall authentication and value of your artwork.

With our Certified Authenticity Package, you possess a comprehensive set of certified documents to substantiate the authenticity and provenance of your artwork. It solidifies your artwork’s place in the art world and assures collectors, buyers, and institutions of its true value.

Ensure the credibility and recognition your artwork deserves by acquiring our Certified Authenticity Package, meticulously curated to protect and enhance the legacy of your cherished piece.

How do I know if My Artwork is Registered?

If you have a Certificate of Registry or a Certificate of Authenticity with a Registration ID, your Artwork is Registered; otherwise, you must purchase a Registry Look Up.

What is the difference between a Certificate of Registry and a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Registry serves as a Certificate of Authenticity by confirming the artwork’s authenticity and stating that supporting data is recorded in the registry. It provides both validation and a reference to the registry for additional information.

Similarly, a Certificate of Authenticity with an artwork registration ID serves the same purpose. It establishes a connection to supporting data or records, strengthening the certificate’s credibility and allowing for validation.

However, a Certificate of Authenticity without an artwork registration ID may not explicitly reference or link to supporting data, relying solely on the issuer’s reputation or expertise for authentication.

What if I do not have a Certificate of Registry?

If you do not possess a Certificate of Registry for your artwork, there is still a possibility for us to assist you. In the case where your artwork has a Registration ID, typically located on the back, you can avail of our Registry Lookup service. This service allows us to conduct a thorough search in our Registry to determine if your artwork is registered. If we locate your artwork in our Registry, we will gladly provide you with a Certificate of Registry as an official record at no extra cost.

However, if your artwork is not found in our Registry, we will promptly notify you of its status. In such circumstances, we offer an alternative option: an Authentication Review. This comprehensive review involves a detailed assessment to evaluate the authenticity of your artwork. By choosing this option, you will receive a thorough analysis and our professional opinion regarding the legitimacy of your piece.  Click to purchase a Registry Lookup

What if My Artwork is not in the Registry?

If your artwork is not listed in our Registry, we offer an alternative solution: the Authenticity Review. By purchasing an Authenticity Review, our experts will thoroughly assess and authenticate your artwork. Upon completion, we will provide you with an Authentication Package that includes the necessary documentation to support the artwork’s authenticity.

In the rare circumstance that we are unable to authenticate the artwork or have reason to believe it is not genuine, we will provide you with a professional letter of opinion outlining our findings. Our goal is to ensure transparency and assist you in making informed decisions about your artwork. Click to purchase an Authenticity Review

Registry Lookup

Certified Authenticity Package


  • Certificate of Authenticity printed on high-security paper
  • Letter of Provenance (Chain of ownership)
  • Letter of value considerations
  • Official sale/transfer form
  • Copies of Registry data, such as related images, press, sale forms, and other documents.

Certified Authenticity Package

Authenticity Review

Includes a Certified Authenticity Package if we believe the work is authentic or a letter of opinion if we cannot determine the work’s authenticity.

Authenticity Review