Michael Israel helps charities raise millions!

Michael Israel helps charities raise millions!


Michael Israel helps charities raise millions!

$250,000! Going once…

Michael Israel

Was there ever a time when you attended a fundraiser so extraordinary that you would remember it for the rest of your life?

$250,000! Going twice!

So exhilarating that the entire room jumped from their seats, shouted, and gasped out loud? Then you found yourself emotionally charged and in a bidding war with others offering insane money for an artwork painted right in front of your eyes?

Sold for $250,000!

Charities must attract, engage, and energize the top 2% of their communities to survive. Michael Israel, America’s original live-action artist, makes it easy.

Described as ‘Cirque du Soleil meets Picasso”, Michael Israel paints larger-than-life canvasses with iconic images in rhythm to high-energy music live on-stage.


He has a worldwide fan base of 100 million people. His Hero video has garnered over 14 million views on YouTube. Michael has performed for Presidential and Olympic events, fortune 500 companies, and was the featured artist for a $158.2 million renovation celebration for the DIA, which is America’s sixth-largest museum. He has shared stages with such luminaries as Warren Buffett, Garth Brooks, Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Leno, Tony Robbins, Brooks and Dunn, the Temptations, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, and more. More importantly, he has helped over 100 charities. His portrait of Warren Buffett sold for $100,000 to benefit Girls Inc of Omaha.

Companies and casinos pay large fees for Michael’s performances, but when he does a benefit show for a charity, he does not charge a performance fee. His shows and art have raised millions of dollars. His philanthropic vision spills over into a bottom-line driven focus to help charities. His team also helps charities secure sponsorships, positive media, and ticket sales in addition to proceeds from his show and art sales.

Guests of Beaux-Arts were awestruck by Michael during their signature fundraiser, Up on the Rooftop at the Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale. Sponsorship and ticket sales for an encore the following year reached record levels.

For a gala for the United Way of Chester County, Pennsylvania, they had planned an admission fee of $250 per couple, but with Michael as the featured artist, the seats sold out at $1,000 a couple. Michael’s paintings also sold out; the first one sold for $55,000.

Executive VP Chris Saello said, “Best event ever! Michael is a game-changer for us, he’s energized our organization!” Before leaving that evening, sponsors promised large donations if they could get Michael back for a repeat performance.

Sherrye McBryde, Director, The Susan G. Komen, Arkansas – “His ability to translate the true meaning of our organization onto canvas was amazing. He made the crowd go crazy. He drove fundraising dollars higher than ever before!”

Michael has appointed a charity committee to award a limited number of benefit performances each year.

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Make Lockdown EXCITING!

Make Lockdown EXCITING!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so treat your special someone! It will be an EPIC NIGHT and perfect for DATE NIGHT! You can visit and chat with friends, the host, and Michael.  Enjoy an incredible LIVE “ART OF ROMANCE” concert on a spectacular 3-D virtual stage from the comfort of your home!

Single? Come anyway; there will be plenty of single people to meet and chat with virtually… who knows what will happen from there?

We are planning this to be Family PG, but it is a private event, so you’ll have an opportunity to vote to make it a bit more risque and naughty when you RSVP.


Join Us on FEB 13th at 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM — Eastern Time Zone

I lost 20 Pounds Eating Art! —and it was delicious!

I lost 20 Pounds Eating Art! —and it was delicious!

LOL —I’m guessing I piqued your curiosity. Well, it’s probably not precisely what you are thinking, I did not eat my paintings. That would be weird even for me. First, let me roll back a bit. I fell into the Oreo trap during COVID lockdown! Not going out left me feeling depressed and binge-watching Netflix. It is kind of like the story, “If you give a mouse a cookie,” only with a twist.

If you’re used to going out, traveling, and doing shows and all that suddenly stops —you get bored with nothing to do, so you watch Netflix. If you find a series you like, it’s addictive, so you binge-watch. Then you realize you’re not going out, traveling, or doing shows, and you get depressed, and you find you need something to feel good! OREOS work for me! But, I can’t have just one, and after a few, I need a glass of milk… maybe two. No, that’s a lie, I go straight for the milk to dunk the Oreos, and I have double stuff Oreos, or at least I did until I found MONSTER STUFF OREOS with four times the usual stuffing. Did I mention that too much Netflix and Oreos cause memory loss? I forget to work out. Now the calories and the guilt trip start taking effect… and I needed something to feel good. Since I couldn’t go out, I binge-watched more Netflix, and well, I could hear the Oreos calling me so, I had one, then two, then the entire package, and of course, more milk. After enough days have gone by, I didn’t have a beer belly; it was worse, my nice 6-pack had turned into a sack of Oreos and milk —and my pant did not fit anymore! That was a wake-up call! So, where does eating art come in?

I decided to start dieting slowly. I needed something relatively low calories but satisfying. I made oatmeal, and I sprinkled on just a bit of brown sugar and drizzled honey —it looked like artwork and tasted like dessert! What was amazing is that it gave me the energy to start bike riding and working out in the mornings, and I wasn’t hungry until lunch and sometimes could skip lunch without being hungry. I stopped buying Oreo and, of course, I watched my diet. So far, in just about four weeks, I had lost 20 lbs!

Contact me if you want the full diet and exercise details.