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Millions for Charity

Show & Auction

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Kid Angel performance
Watch until the end, tissues needed!

Michael’s 6-min performances have raised $83,000!
20-min shows have generated $400,000!

Low cost to no cost!

Entertainment the pays!

Works4Charity™ is only available to a handful of charities by award. It includes more than a mind-blowing live painting performance, it is a powerful system that leverages Michael’s show, art, and years of experience to help charities, nonprofits, and worthy causes rapidly increase their Event Revenue.

The performance can be as quick as 7-minutes followed by a fast live art auction.  In addition to famous entertainment that helps win new sponsors, and increase admissions, charities typically net an extra $10,000 to over $150,000 from a performance so flexible that it can take up as little as 7-minutes or provide a full evening of entertainment!

It is turnkey without stress or expensive show production. It is also crafted to help you secure pre-event funding from new sponsorships and VIP ticket sales, and build long-term donor relationships before your event, plus receive significant funds during your event.


From Charity Leaders

Sponsors & Donors

Attract the right people!

To survive, charities must attract and engage the top 2% of their community. These folks have seen it all and done it all, and are the hardest to impress. Nevertheless, everyone is curious about artists —the more famous and outrageous the artist, the greater the attraction.

So who are Michael’s fans and collectors? CEOs of the world’s largest companies, famous celebrities, and world leaders including Warren Buffett, Kevin Costner, Garth Brooks, and US Presidents.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Gary Sinise, actor, Lieutenant Dan

Extra Funds

You can be sure

Michael asks that you do all of your planned fundraisings first, including a silent auction, live auction, and your “ask.”

Get every penny your constituents are willing to give first.

By Michael’s showtime, everyone has given all they are willing to give; they are done donating. Now, Michael does the extraordinary and takes them on an emotional rollercoaster ride that inspires compassion and creates an intense desire to hold onto the feeling by acquiring his artwork. Now, they’re bidding to get what they want; they are purchasing, not donating.

Michael’s paintings are so desirable, people have paid $250,000 for a single 5-minute masterpiece to “Own the Experience!”  —at most events, everything Michael has painted is SOLD plus more are commission to be painted later!

More Sponsors

More attendees too!

Having Michael helps win new sponsors and increase admission ticket sales! His heartfelt passion reaches beyond the senses and sensibilities of his audience and often inspires massive donations too!


Having Michael is easy and can fit the tightest schedule!

The Champ, George Foreman

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