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How I Lost 27 lbs During COVID Lockdown: My Oreo Addiction and Art-Inspired Diet

How I Lost 27 lbs During COVID Lockdown: My Oreo Addiction and Art-Inspired Diet

LOL —I’m guessing I piqued your curiosity. Well, it’s probably not precisely what you are thinking, I did not eat my paintings. That would be weird even for me. First, let me roll back a bit. I fell into the Oreo trap during COVID lockdown! Not going out left me feeling depressed and binge-watching Netflix. It is kind of like the story, “If you give a mouse a cookie,” only with a twist.

If you’re used to going out, traveling, and doing shows and all that suddenly stops —you get bored with nothing to do, so you watch Netflix. If you find a series you like, it’s addictive, so you binge-watch. Then you realize you’re not going out, traveling, or doing shows, and you get depressed, and you find you need something to feel good! OREOS work for me! But, I can’t have just one, and after a few, I need a glass of milk… maybe two. No, that’s a lie, I go straight for the milk to dunk the Oreos, and I have double stuff Oreos, or at least I did until I found MONSTER STUFF OREOS with four times the usual stuffing. Did I mention that too much Netflix and Oreos cause memory loss? I forget to work out. Now the calories and the guilt trip start taking effect… and I needed something to feel good. Since I couldn’t go out, I binge-watched more Netflix, and well, I could hear the Oreos calling me so, I had one, then two, then the entire package, and of course, more milk. After enough days have gone by, I didn’t have a beer belly; it was worse, my nice 6-pack had turned into a sack of Oreos and milk —and my pant did not fit anymore! That was a wake-up call! So, where does eating art come in?

I decided to start dieting slowly. I needed something relatively low calories but satisfying. I made oatmeal, and I sprinkled on just a bit of brown sugar and drizzled honey —it looked like artwork and tasted like dessert! What was amazing is that it gave me the energy to start bike riding and working out in the mornings, and I wasn’t hungry until lunch and sometimes could skip lunch without being hungry. I stopped buying Oreo and, of course, I watched my diet. So far, in just about five weeks, I had lost 27 lbs!

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