Your most successful event ever!

Works4Charity™ Awards Zero Cost Entertainment with Artwork for Fundraising!        

Michael’s Show and Artwork are generally too expensive for charities.

A Works4Charity™ award gets you a $25,000 show for Free with over $175,000 in Artwork to raise funds! Plus fights, hotel rooms, ground transportation, meals, show materials, and professional show manager costs are covered –You won’t get stuck for out-of-pocket expenses!

Michael’s Artwork sells so well, that the award states in writing if his artwork doesn’t cover those costs, we will make a cash donation to cover the costs –You won’t get stuck for out-of-pocket expenses!

Michael believes great art should do great things!! To that end, he uses his artwork and live performances to raise millions for many worthy causes. He has also helped charities break sponsorship records, and at times sold so many tables the event had to be moved to a larger venue!

If you haven’t experienced Michael, it is impossible to put into words. It is hard to imagine a painting performance so emotionally charged it brings entire audiences to their feet cheering!

It’s the same story every time. Charity board members are skeptical and do not believe their attendees will spend tens of thousands to own Michael’s paintings done in just minutes. Then they are blown away when their attendees bid high and every piece is sold! 

Become a believer and view past results and testimonials.

When Imagination Exceeds Reality, Dreams are born!
Michael Israel

Below are verifiable facts instead of fluff.

Michael and Warren Buffett
We have seen the future of art, and his name is Michael Israel. Equal parts Jackson Pollock, Peter Max, and Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance…
artnet news

Michael is chosen for the most prominent events when the outcome matters most—painting the President’s portrait at Presidential Dinners, Galas, and Inaugural Balls in DC or painting Warren Buffett’s portrait at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting!

The world’s largest companies, celebrities, and even US Presidents have jetted Michael across the globe to share his artistic inspiration, still, Michael dedicates much of his time, talent, and resources to charity.

Guaranteed Results

When was the last time the entertainer directly raised tens of thousands for your cause? When has the band paid you?

Learn how your charity could receive a free show, more sponsors, ticket sales, and thousands of dollars for your mission with a Works4Charity™ Award. 

How much does it cost to have Michael?

If awarded a Works4Charity™ Program, it’s better than free! You are guaranteed income! If Michael’s artwork doesn’t bring in enough, Michael will make a cash donation!

How much can Michael raise for us?

Michael’s art sells!! He has raised as much as $400,000 in a single night, however, most charities net $10,000 to $80,000 just from Michael’s Artwork —and if you consider money from new sponsorships and ticket sales, Michael’s impact is much greater.

What happens if his artwork doesn't sell?

Unlike other entertainers that require a guaranteed paycheck, Michael guarantees you income.

Michael’s Artwork always sells —usually more pieces are sold than he has painted so those are made later in his studio and shipped to buyers.

But, if his art did not sell, Michael’s guarantee has you covered, and he will make a cash donation to your charity. 

Did we mention it's easy and turnkey?

From day one, our show manager will work with your team on marketing and promotions, help find the best travel options, and prepare, pack, and ship the art supplies, backdrop, and other equipment and materials that most event companies can’t, then our show manager will be on-site to set up the art materials and coordinate with your event team. You don’t have to worry about handling the artwork either, we will deliver it.

Worried what if? No worries it all works!
What if we have a tight schedule?

He has dazzled audiences in as little as 7-min raising $83,000! Longer shows have raised up to $400,000!

As soon as the last painting is completed, Michael works with the auctioneer for fast all at once auction!

What if we have another act on the stage?
Michael has shared stages with Billy Idol, Jay Leno, Brooks and Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, and Tony Robbins just to name a few.

Any Venue, any Space from 4-ft x 6-ft to the Olympics Medals Stage, even underwater with scuba divers as stagehands!

Is your goal more sponsors?

A local entertainer or unknown artist isn’t going to attract the corporate CEOs and wealthy retirees you need.

They have seen it all, done it all, and every other charity in town is asking them to sponsor their event.

We can customize this video for your corporate sponsor outreach

With Michael, you’ll win more sponsors. They will attend in-person with their high-level associates, executives, and top clients who can give you further support, instead of sending their underlings merely to fill seats.

Having Michael at your event is a no-brainer! Check references and have a close look at unretouched event photos, you will quickly see why his artwork sells so well.
Jim Ardis

Mayor, Peoria, IL