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PAST | Thank You for Supporting Spectrum Parents Events!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Paint Barefoot on the Beach Concert Event this past Saturday! Thank you to the sponsors and donors! Thank you for the 65 sales in support of Spectrum Parents Events.

A big thank you to the top art bidders —Coach Pete; congrats on adding 3 new pieces to your massive collection! I know you will enjoy the “SEA 3D” when visitors view the 3D effect and Ooow and Awe! Thank you, Mary H; I can’t wait to hear how people comment on your Lennon portrait when you have it displayed on its unique floating mount!

Thank you, Frances O, for purchasing Liberty, Face the Flames, and Superboy and all your support of Spectrum Parents Events! Thank you, Sara C! I know you will enjoy your Heart & Hands, Superboy, and Face the Flames mixed media original works! Thank You, Elizabeth M; your Liberty artwork is spectacular —Please send us a photo of you next to it when you hang it!

Thank you, Dawn H, and welcome to being one of my newest collectors, along with a shout-out to Rhianon G too! Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to all of my wonderful collectors who have supported my work over the years, making charity benefit shows possible. Together we’ve helped many children and families and have a lot more to do!

Home » Charity » PAST | Thank You for Supporting Spectrum Parents Events!

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