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SUMMARY: Once we have committed to your charity event, we will be happy to post your event on MichaelIsrael.com and include it in our emails. This collaboration can genuinely have a significant impact on your bottom line.


1. Increased Exposure: By featuring your charity and event on MichaelIsrael.com, you gain access to a vast and engaged audience of art enthusiasts and supporters. Michael’s website attracts visitors from around the globe, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your cause and the fantastic work you do.

2. Global Reach: Michael’s collectors are not limited to a specific region or country. People from far and wide, including as far as Australia, have traveled to the United States specifically to bid on his artwork at charity events. Having your event promoted on our platform increases the chances of reaching potential supporters who are passionate about both art and your cause.

3. Credibility and Prestige: Michael Israel is renowned for his incredible live art performances and his dedication to supporting charitable organizations. By aligning your event with Michael’s brand and featuring it on his website and in our emails, you gain instant credibility and prestige in the eyes of Michael’s fans, collectors, and clients, who are your potential donors and attendees. It signals that your event is of exceptional quality and worthy of attention.

We are delighted to share an incredible story that showcases the powerful impact of Michael’s art and its ability to inspire generosity. During a recent charity event where Michael was performing, a board member from a different charitable organization attended to be able to tell his board about Michael. He experienced the profound emotional connection that Michael’s artwork creates. This individual was so moved by the performance and the artwork’s message that he made an extraordinary decision.

Instead of waiting for his own charity’s event, this compassionate board member selflessly decided to take immediate action. He generously purchased a painting for over $8,000 right then and there, supporting the charity hosting the event and the cause it represented. His decision reflects the profound impact that Michael’s art has on individuals, compelling them to contribute to charitable endeavors even outside of their initial plans.

This heartwarming story demonstrates the transformative power of Michael’s performances and the value his artwork holds. It is a testament to the emotional resonance that his creations evoke in people, inspiring them to take action and make a difference in the world.

4. Increased Attendance and Donations: The exposure generated through MichaelIsrael.com and our email communications and including Michael in your promotions can significantly boost attendance at your gala.

Let us share an inspiring anecdote that exemplifies the power of Michael’s influence:

In the past, there have been instances where charities experienced such an overwhelming response from Michael’s fans and followers that they had to relocate to a larger venue. The incredible demand generated by Michael’s popularity resulted in a surge of admissions and support, surpassing expectations and creating a truly remarkable fundraising event.

By leveraging Michael’s fan base and his captivating live art performances, your charity event has the potential to attract a significantly larger crowd. The allure of witnessing Michael’s artistic prowess firsthand combined with the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause can ignite excitement and enthusiasm among attendees. This, in turn, leads to increased donations and support that can exceed your initial projections.

Imagine the impact of hosting your gala in a larger venue, accommodating a growing number of attendees who are eager to participate and contribute. Not only does it create a buzz around your event, but it also amplifies the reach and impact of your charitable endeavors.

5. Ongoing Promotion: The impact of featuring your charity and event on MichaelIsrael.com and in our emails extends beyond the event itself. Our platform and email newsletters serve as an ongoing promotional channel, ensuring continued visibility and awareness for your charity even after the gala. This can lead to long-term relationships with donors and supporters who resonate with your cause.

Please provide us with the necessary details about your charity and event, including relevant information, images, and any additional promotional materials you would like us to include. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure the success of your gala and to maximize the impact of our collaboration.

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