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Introducing Michael Israel’s Extraordinary 5″x7″ Prints: The Perfect Gift and Charitable Solution

Up to 95% Off when used for Gifts or Ticket Incentives!


TASK: Decide if you want to give prints to your patrons.

SUMMARY: Are you searching for a remarkable gift that not only captivates the eyes but can support your cause? Look no further! Michael Israel’s 5″x7″ prints are here to fulfill your desires, whether it’s for a gift to strengthen your relationships with patrons or an incentive to sell more admission tickets. These prints, accompanied by numbered certificates, are retail priced between $50 and $500, reflecting their exceptional quality and artistic value. But there’s more to these prints than meets the eye. Michael Israel firmly believes in giving back to society and making a positive impact on the world. That’s why he initiated the Works4Charity program, where these incredible prints are made available at up to a staggering 95% off their retail price. This program allows charities to purchase the prints at a fraction of the cost, empowering them to sell more admission tickets to their events or use the prints as exclusive incentives for their valued patrons.

WHY? Michael Israel, a renowned artist with an unrivaled talent for blending art and entertainment, has created these mesmerizing prints that are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who beholds them. With a wide range of captivating subjects and themes, there’s a print to suit every taste and preference.

Imagine the impact your charity or organization can make by offering Michael Israel’s prints as incentives. Your patrons will be astounded by the beauty and artistry of these pieces, making them highly coveted rewards. By providing them with such extraordinary gifts, you’ll not only strengthen your relationships but also leave a lasting impression that fosters loyalty and support.

Michael Israel’s 5″x7″ prints and numbered certificates are more than just a piece

 of art – they are a collectible keepsake from a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a conversation starter, and a tangible representation of

the holder’s commitment to philanthropy. These prints have the power to ignite emotions, inspire discussions, or a sense of awe in anyone who encounters them.

If you would like 5×7 prints for your event, please contact us at least 30 days before your event.