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The Best Art Auction


TASK: Arrange Collaboration between Your Auctioneer and Our team

SUMMARY: In support of your charity, we donate a free show and provide Artwork worth over $200,000. For a successful auction, we require a minimum of five paintings, including the live pieces, to be displayed and auctioned immediately after the Show using our unique “ALL AT ONCE” method, led by us. Your Auctioneer can assist, provided he or she agrees to use our method and collaborate with Michael on stage during the auction.

WHY: This approach can increase auction proceeds by tens of thousands. We’re committed to your cause and invested in your success, so it’s vital your Auctioneer is open to our method and collaborates well with Michael on stage.

Considering our Show and Artwork donations solely depends on the Art auction’s outcome and are not paid for by you or your sponsors, it’s essential that your Auctioneer embraces our approach and collaborates with Michael. If they resist, we reserve the right to control the bid calling entirely or even withdraw our participation in the event.

We highly value our partnership and aim to make this auction a great success. Together, we can create an impactful event. Michael’s active involvement will enrich the auction experience for all attendees.

Let us know your preferences and requirements, and we’ll arrange a smooth auction experience. We appreciate your cooperation and partnership in making this art auction a grand success.