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Food and Beverages: Key to On-Time Setup and a High-Energy Show

TASK: Provide provide food and beverages

SUMMARY: Providing readily accessible food and beverages for Michael Israel and his crew during both the setup before guests arrive and throughout the event keeps them from having to leave the venue. Allow us to highlight the specific items and requirements to ensure an optimal experience.

Having these provisions available at all times is vital for their energy, focus, and overall well-being.

1. Coffee & Cream (VITAL!): Coffee, with cream readily available, is a fundamental necessity for the artist and crew. Ensuring a steady supply of coffee and cream throughout the event is greatly appreciated.

2. Honey, Sugar, and Fiji Bottled Water: These items are essential for Michael’s vocal performance and hydration needs. Honey helps soothe the voice, while sugar can provide quick energy boosts. 

3. Diet Coke and Red Bull: Extra energy and focus, particularly during intense moments when quick pick-me-ups are necessary.

4. Granola Bars: As a convenient, fast snack.

Lunches and Dinners: It is crucial to have three meals provided if the setup overlaps with noon, ensuring that Michael and his crew are adequately fueled and do not have to leave the venue.

Thank you for understanding the significance of providing these provisions. Your attention to these details is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the overall success of the setup and show.