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PAST | Vegas Party & Casino Night Fundraiser

$87,000 ART SOLD! Including $2,000 for Michael’s paint-splattered shirt and pants!

The incomparable Michael Israel did not disappoint! The world-renowned American artist and entertainer famous for his “Speed Painting” performances amazed and inspired all 300 plus of our guests.

Michael created three exclusive paintings live during our event but sold many more. He even managed to sell the shirt off his back to one lucky guest! Proceeds from the sales benefit Stupid Strong and its important mission of funding gastric cancer research.

We are so grateful for his generosity of spirit and for sharing his talents for good.

Stupid Strong

A grant-based organization, dedicated to raising awareness about gastric cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support to families in need. It is estimated that we will see over 20,000 new cases of stomach cancer this year in the US with over 10,000 deaths resulting from the disease. Because of the smaller number of cases relative to other cancers, it receives very little federal funding and few resources devoted to researching a cure. StupidStrong.org exists for the purpose of making the cure for stomach cancer a reality.

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