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PAST | Saving Jordan

Please join Michael Israel and the Ogman family for a night of steaks, music, pinball, cigars, auction, bourbon, and classic cars, as Michael pours his heart out on canvas to raise money in support of finding a cure for 4-year-old Jordan Ogman, who was born with a fatal neurodegenerative disease of the brain: TECPR2.

The Jordan Avi Ogman Foundation was created by Stacey & David Ogman, who are in a race against time to help discover a cure for their 4-year-old son Jordan.  Jordan was born with a very rare disease that needs a cure that does not yet exist – a fatal neurodegenerative debilitating genetic disease of the brain: TECPR2.  Their goal is to raise money to fund research for this disease in partnership with the University of Florida’s state-of-the-art gene therapy lab, led by a world-renowned Physician Scientist.  They have already raised $124,000 towards their $2.5M goal, and this event is one of many planned to help facilitate this, however the clock is ticking.

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