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PAST | Peoria Promise
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Peoria Promise

Peoria Promise, a tuition reimbursement working to help local students go to school and join the workforce, is celebrating 10 years.

Celebrating in style at their Denim and Diamonds gala at the Peoria Civic Center they had raffles and live entertainment.

The program was originally for students who had attended public schools in Peoria but has since expanded to private school graduates and now to students with GEDs and those who were homeschooled.

The gala served as a way to raise funds and celebrate those who make the program possible.

“The promise pillars this evening will be announced. They are the top 5 companies that have supported Peoria promise from day one: Caterpillar, Advanced Medical Transport, RLI, OSF Health Care as well as Unity Point,” Peoria Promise Executive Director MJ Schettler said.

To date, the program has raised over $4.4 million and helped over 2,600 students get an associates degree or a certification. Schettler said 87% of their alumni are working in Peoria.

Support beyond painting on stage

Most people, including the charities that contact us enquiring about a show, do not realize the amount of time, effort and resources Michael and his team give to the causes he supports. Aside from days, weeks, and months preparing for shows in his studio. Below is just one example where Michael spent 3 full days to travel, and did press conferences, interviews, seminars, and sponsor meetings in support of a cause he believes in.
Tuesday August 28 –
Arrival Peoria International Airport – Limo pick up –  escorted to the Peoria Marriott Pere Marquette Hotel – Downtown Peoria.
9 PM – Private meeting with long time collector.
Wednesday August 29
10am – Press conference at the Peoria Civic Center – 4th floor pre-con area – Promise will present information on the Gala and the Pillar group and then Mayor Ardis will introduce Michael; – a couple brief comments and media may have questions.
11am – Tour of The Ballroom and performance area for October 13 show to can get a sense of the room and layout.
Noon – 1:00 pm – Lunch break
1:30 – 2:00pm – Presentation to Illinois Central College Art students in their performing art center. Peoria Promise provides tuition for students to attend Illinois Central College. Michael’s presentation is motivational message to all of these potential artist – and take questions if any.
2:30pm – stop at WEEK-TV station – media sponsor for a quick “Please join me on October 13 to support Peoria Promise” message to be  included in event commercials.
4:00pm – Wall Painting with the Kids at Boys and Girls Club – fun interaction with our future students – they have a big wall that can be painted on – so Michael can encourage their creativity.
(Expect media to be present at both of these visits as well)
4:30 – 5:30 – break and refresh (hotel)
6:00pm – 7:30pm – private mingle with selected invited guests at the Peoria Country Club – cocktails and hors d oeuvres
Private dinner just for Michael to relax – Mayor Ardis, Gary Welch, possible a couple of Promises major investors. (return to hotel afterwards)
Wednesday – August 30, 2018
Transport to Peoria International Airport – departing 9:30am for 11am flight departure.

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  1. lee baines

    10 years! Wow, how time flys! Michael has been involved with the Peoria Promise since the kickoff 10 years ago. A month before the 10 year anniversary event, Michael flew to Peoria to do a press conference with Mayor Jim Ardis, lecture at Illinois College, attend a sponsor lunch, paint with kids at Boys & Girls Club, and attend a cocktail reception with sponsors for the event.


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