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PAST | Our Lady Lourdes
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$120,000 ART AUCTION!!

Lourdes Foundation Hosts Soiree to Thank Supporters
A beautiful, crisp evening greeted the guests attending the Lourdes Foundation Soiree held on October 17, 2013. The overflowing crowd enjoyed Cocktails & Company for a Great Cause in the beautiful Our Lady of Lourdes Meditation Garden and attendees were treated to delicious food and the opportunity to hear the Progressive Baptist Church Choir share their outstanding musical talent.

The evening’s purpose was twofold: supporters of the foundation were thanked for their ongoing generosity that makes Lourdes charitable outreach possible, and the event also served as a fundraiser. Artist Michael Israel, well-known for his magical artistic expression, enthralled the crowd with his performance and creations. As you can see from the photos, Michael is a true professional that renders art that any collector would cherish.

Lourdes Foundation, Inc. is a fully owned 501(c)(3) subsidiary of Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, Inc. The Foundation was formed to promote and support the religious, health and charitable activities of Our Lady of Lourdes and with the traditions of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady.

Grant recipient organizations that benefit from the outreach bestowed by Lourdes Foundation include the following organizations that shape Acadiana’s present and future: Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana; Bridge Ministry of Acadiana; C.U.P.S.; Children’s Museum of Acadiana; Desormeaux Foundation; Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana; Faith House; FoodNet; Hearts of Hope; Holy Family Catholic School; Louisiana Emergency Medical Unit; Lafayette Breakfast Sertoma Club; Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic; Lafayette Lions Club; Miles Perret Cancer Services; Our Lady of Lourdes Burn Unit; St. Bernadette Community Clinic; Our Lady of Lourdes – Transitions of Care; SMILE Community Action Agency; St. Thomas More Catholic School; Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School.

An article on Our Lady of Lourdes and its truly powerful mission to serve all of us would not be complete without a recitation of their beautiful mission statement: Inspired by the vision of St. Francis of Assisi and in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, we extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to God’s people, especially those most in need. We call forth all who serve in this healthcare ministry, to share their gifts and talents to create a spirit of healing – with reverence and love for all of life, with joyfulness of spirit, and with humility and justice for all those entrusted to our care. We are, with God’s help, a healing and spiritual presence for each other and for the communities we are privileged to serve.

All of us at Upper Lafayette have been blessed to be associated with Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center and Lourdes Foundation. Please join us in sending warm wishes to Lourdes and Lourdes Foundation, and all of their wonderful team that work to ensure that we in Acadiana have the best possible healthcare, and that meaningful healthcare charitable outreach may be rendered to those in the most critical need for assistance.

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