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PAST | Art from the Heart with Mirasol


It was a great night with great people for great causes! Mirasol Foundation supports many local charities which I also support and have done benefit shows for.


There is sweet satisfaction that comes from helping others.

The Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer charitable organization established, directed, and supported by the residents of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support for qualifying 501 (c)(3) agencies that provide critical programming for the under-served residing within Palm Beach County and surrounding counties.

In May of 2016, the Mirasol Foundation, Inc. was established. At the end of our first “Fund-Raising Season”, $120,000 of financial grants were awarded to 19 non-profit agencies and civic organizations (all 501 (c)(3)s) in Palm Beach County and surrounding communities.

Mirasol has been involved in the community through its Community Services program, started in 2014. The need for more involvement AND financial support became evident. The Foundation’s Board of Directors are very grateful for the tremendous financial support and hands-on community involvement from the residents of Mirasol. Mirasol residents have enthusiastically embraced the mission of this newly-formed foundation.

Coupled with the Club’s Community Service program, the MFI has been able to meet the needs of many PBC residents during its inaugural year.

COMPLIMENTARY VIP TICKETS – A handful are available for registered owners of Michael’s artwork. Request tickets: CLICK HERE

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