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PAST | Kick Up Your Paws
  • Minimum Goal/Guarantee for Charity: $10,000
  • Actual Auction Total: $90,000


Percent of Goal

$90,000 Art Auction!! 

500 guests were treated to an ultra exclusive event with spectacular performances by Max Weinberg, Bruce Springsteen, and a 5 painting show Michael Israel. Michael’s antics and music mesmerized and entertained, concluding with a standing ovation that even had Max and Bruce on their feet!

About Monmouth County SPCA

Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1945 to care for the community’s homeless, neglected and abused animals.  They protect, care and advocate for all animals, and are dedicated to enforcing animal cruelty laws; providing a safe haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals while they await adoption; reducing over-population through spay/neutering; and cultivating their humane treatment through education and advocacy services as a valuable community resource.

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