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PAST | A Virtual Evening for Dove House
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$165,000 RAISED!

ABSOLUTELY THE MOST AMAZING VIRTUAL EVENT EVER! This event has it all and more! National entertainers, interactive live cocktail party, raffle, silent auction, live auction, meet & greet with celebs, all for the safety and comfort of your home.  Designed and produced by MysticVirtual, a Michael Israel company.

Spectacular awaits! To understand just how special this 4.5-hour event was from start to finish you can watch the Recap Video and there is a chapter control to skip around.


Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center

Serving child victims of sexual abuse and their non-offending
family members in Iredell and Alexander Counties, North Carolina

Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center embraces a coordinated, comprehensive and systematic approach, which is child-focused, family-friendly, community-oriented and facility-based. We are a resource designed to enhance the coordination among existing community agencies involved in the investigation and intervention process, while keeping the well being of the child as our central focus.

We exist in order to:

  • Provide a child-friendly facility where investigation and intervention activities take place so that further trauma to child victims and non-offending family members is minimized;

  • Facilitate investigations with all involved community professionals from initial case assessment to final disposition, with the goal of enhancing the process for optimal case resolution;

  • Promote therapeutic interventions for child victims and their families in order to maximize their progress towards healing;

  • Provide the child and non-offending family members with support and consistency in case activities, including the criminal prosecution process and overall case follow-up communications;

  • Mobilize and train community agencies and professionals to better serve child victims of sexual assault;

  • Maintain a central repository for all data concerning child sexual abuse in Iredell and Alexander Counties through maintenance of a child-focused data tracking system.

COMPLIMENTARY VIP TICKETS – A handful are available for registered owners of Michael’s artwork. Request tickets: CLICK HERE

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