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Prince Purple Rain


48″x72″ Acrylic on canvas

This piece is SOLD; contact us to commission a new rendition.

Michael Israel’s painting of the iconic singer Prince is a stunning tribute to an artist who pushed the boundaries of music and fashion. Crafted with a dynamic blend of vivid colors and bold strokes, the piece encapsulates the enigmatic spirit of Prince himself. The artwork is more than just a visual feast; it symbolizes the quest for individuality and freedom of expression that defined Prince’s life.


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This painting is highly sought-after not only for its artistic brilliance but also for its deeper resonance with viewers. Those who connect with it often see a reflection of their own aspirations, inner soul, and beliefs. It serves as a constant reminder to remain true to oneself while chasing one’s goals, much like Prince did in his groundbreaking career.

It’s not just a painting; it’s an experience and a connection to a broader worldview. Owning it is like owning a piece of history, an emblem of free-spiritedness, and a guidepost for personal evolution.