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Muhammad Ali The Greatest


48″x72″ Canvas —Michael Israel’s painting of “The Greatest” sets free the true heart and essence of Muhammad Ali and inspires those qualities in the viewer. You cannot help but be energized by the bravado and boastfulness of “The Greatest” radiating from the canvas. The energy of the man who was indisputably the greatest boxer of all time leaps off the bold and oversized painting. Michael Israel has trained and competed in martial arts since he was 8 years old. Michael admires and is inspired by Muhammad Ali as much as Bruce Lee’s fighting skills, bravado, and boastfulness!

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From the minute you step into the room where this larger-than-life masterpiece hangs, you can feel Muhammad Ali’s energy and invincible determination and can not help but be uplifted by it. The obsessive way Ali trained is matched by the canvas’s sheer size and explosively bold paint splashes and colors.

Depicted standing before his opponent, Sonny Liston, taunting him to get up, it’s evident that Ali’s boastful nature was anything but. Instead, it was a prophecy of what was to come and an accurate prediction of his fights. Electrifying energy, floating footwork, and lightning-fast punches were just a few of Ali’s many characteristics communicated by Michael’s painting.

The compassion and generosity that Muhammad Ali was famous for also lives on in Michael Israel’s painting. Every time you look upon your artwork, you will feel good knowing that the money was well spent not only as an investment in art but also in humanity to help those who are less fortunate.

Sure to be a conversation piece and focal point of any room where it is hung, The Greatest reverberates with electrifying passion, unbridled energy, and a steadfast commitment to the best and most noble qualities of humanity!

The feeling of pride that was woven through Ali’s every fiber is one that is transmitted to you as you gaze upon this painting. From the satisfaction, you feel in helping others who aren’t as fortunate as yourself to the joy of owning a piece of history, this portrait of The Greatest is one that is simply awe-inspiring.