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Get ready for an extravagant celebration of art, fashion, and entertainment that will ignite Miami’s vibrant fashion scene. Renowned artist Michael Israel’s famous Elvis painting, which recently found a fortunate buyer, is set to shine amidst the glamour of the world’s top swimsuit models at an unforgettable Private Fashion Show at Briza on the Bay in Miami.


The White Party Spectacle:
On July 8, 2023, the exclusive White Party at Briza on the Bay will host an extraordinary fusion of art and fashion. The spotlight of the evening will be Michael Israel’s iconic Elvis painting, a piece that captures the charisma and energy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, positioned at the heart of this fashionable affair.


Surrounded by Elegance:
Adding to the night’s splendor, the Elvis painting will be showcased amidst 50 of the world’s most beautiful swimsuit models. These captivating models will strut down the runway, augmenting the evening’s ambiance with their grace and elegance, perfectly complementing the charm of Israel’s Elvis masterpiece.


Michael Israel: An Artistic Visionary:
Michael Israel, recognized for his energetic live painting performances, has garnered a global audience due to his awe-inspiring talent. His unique style, combining bold strokes, bright colors, and an electric stage presence, captures the spirit of iconic figures in a way that deeply resonates with viewers.


A Harmonious Union of Art and Fashion:
The Private Fashion Show at Briza on the Bay is the ideal platform to celebrate the intersection of art and fashion. Attendees will experience the allure of Michael Israel’s Elvis painting, surrounded by stunning swimsuit models, showcasing the power of artistic expression in multiple forms.


An Unforgettable Night:
The White Party Fashion Show promises to be a mesmerizing night that blurs the lines between art and fashion. With the captivating Elvis painting by Michael Israel and the presence of the world’s top swimsuit models, attendees will be treated to an unforgettable sensory feast. This exclusive event underlines the magic that results from the perfect fusion of creativity, beauty, and talent.


Taking the Stage: Michael Israel Live:
Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, attendees will also experience an extraordinary live painting performance by Michael Israel. Known for his immersive showcases, Israel combines his impressive artistic talent with a dynamic stage presence.


Guests will have the unique opportunity to witness Israel create live paintings, embodying the essence of various subjects with his distinct style. His prowess to inject energy and emotion into his artwork will surely leave the audience spellbound.


Also, Israel is no stranger to painting on live models, adding another layer of creative expression to the event. Through his live sessions, he transforms the human body into a unique canvas, showcasing his incredible artistic vision.


The Private Fashion Show, scheduled for July 8, 2023, promises not only to showcase Michael Israel’s iconic Elvis painting but also offer a glimpse of his remarkable live painting performances. Prepare for a night of awe-inspiring creativity and artistic expression, as Michael Israel takes center stage in the heart of Miami’s fashion scene. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration of art, fashion, and boundless creativity.