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Artwork is only as valuable as its ability to be authenticated.

Paper documents and certificates can be lost or destroyed and alone might still require authentication by experts. In contrast, an NFT Certificate of Authenticity verifiable as created by the artist and locked by Blockchain security before transfer to a collector’s digital wallet is an irrefutable and eternal proof of ownership and authenticity that does not later require the artist, his studio, or an expert to authenticate.

There is a lot of talk about NFTs. Instead of a bank safety deposit box for your documents, an NFT is a digital file locked in Blockchain technology, a network of computers giving proof of ownership and authenticity. After an NFT is locked, the contents can be viewed but never changed. Unlike a safety deposit box that exists in one location where the contents can be changed, when an NFT is locked, the contents are locked forever, unalterable, and instantly duplicated on thousands of computers around the globe. Only ownership of an NFT can be changed by sale or transfer.

5×7 Marilyn Monroe Signed

Name Your Price!

Proceeds from this work will go to the Works4Charity Fund to provide charitable grants to cover travel and materials for charity shows. 

It’s up to you whether you want to pay the standard price or give more and provide extra help!

Just do what feels right, and know the charities, and I appreciate your support!

Retail price: $100.00

Minimum price: $100.00