WOW! If you are healthy and still worried about getting sick or your finances, imagine what it is like for those who are immune challenged and for the parents with immune challenged kids! Those with diseases such as cancer, SMA, leukemia, or Cystic Fibrosis. Imagine the poor homeless and hungry! Imagine the elderly! Now imagine the support they get from the nonprofits that help them disappear in a flash because their fundraising efforts have been canceled!

If you are a fan, collector or client you know my life’s work has been dedicated to art and charities! I am investing heavily, and my team and I are working around the clock to provide a virtual platform to enrich lives especially for those less fortunate.

I hope you will my Annual VIRTUAL Studio Party from the comfort of your home on Saturday, March 28, from 7 PM – 10 PM.  It will be kickass fun, something very much needed right now! RSVP to Attend FREE




I’ve taken hundreds of thousands in artwork and made it available at nearly anything goes prices to help fund this new charity platform, so I also hope you will take a moment to visit our Pre-Show Online Auction. Click to Preview or Bid

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