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Whether the goal is to supercharge executives and employees, personal power, wealth, a happy love life, or some other empowerment, many well-known motivational speakers and self-help gurus attempt to motivate an audience through speeches, group exercises, or any number of “in-your-face” approaches to promote change. These tools require participation and, at least in part, some desire by the participant to want to be inspired and motivated.

Michael Israel asks little of his audience. One must only be present to be drawn in, intrigued, and energized by his performance. To watch his Art in Concert is to succumb to an all-encompassing, inspirational experience like no other. Such a weighty claim is understood and confirmed by those who have experienced Michael Israel on stage and nearly unexplainable to those who have not. A form of communication unto itself, it is a feast for the eyes, the ears, and also for the soul. It is an event that is impossible to witness in a removed manner, the result of which is an enlightenment achieved through no other fashion.

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Acclaimed as a renowned professional speaker, he gives few spoken words in his presentation. The atmosphere is electrically charged from the beginning. Heart thumping music begins, lights go up, and Michael Israel, part rock star, part Picasso, jolts his audience’s attention with vibrant paint colors flying and very little dissertation. No doubt, he commands immediate and undivided attention. The music is familiar and significant, and plays an integral part of his performance as Michael’s paint seems to dance on the canvas to the pulsating beat. In his own unique style, he jumps, pivots and spins. So, too, spins the canvas in what can only be described as a perfectly choreographed rollercoaster ride for the senses.


As his images begin to take shape his mesmerized audience is visibly making the connection between the music, the imagery and their own personal belief systems – there are audible gasps as he works his magic, passing energy back and forth with the crowd as his message is created. Perhaps his canvasses depict a popular figure, or a corporate logo or icon. Maybe there is a specific, significant subject to be portrayed, as only Michael is able to express through his own signature pieces. Through his captivating performance, he has the innate ability to inspire and motivate as he reaches each member of the audience on a personal level while entertaining and thrilling on a lavish, monumental scale.


The irony is that, although the program is grand and spectacular, the true gift of fulfillment or empowerment is quite personal and each person’s revelation comes from within, rather than from a buzzword or contrived mantra. Revelations emerge from inside and can be felt on a physical level. For most, it is discovered though the course of the event and felt deeply and profoundly. The discovery of newfound strength or enlightenment is virtually shouted and escalates as Michael leads his audience from one image to the next. Yet, the images are not messages as much as they are symbolic keys that unlock deeper thought and emotions within the viewer. In Michael’s words, “Perhaps they are like magic mirrors that reflect the more noble parts of the viewer’s inner self, revealing an understanding that leads to empowerment.” Ultimately, it is the creation of personal fulfillment that is a fine art.

For business clients, Michael’s unique genre has proven to be an integral part of their motivational programs for their top executives and employees. In a society constantly in search of the perfect balance of personal and professional success, many of the world’s largest and most successful companies have seen the benefits of Michael Israel’s program.

Whether his performance is the main event or a focal point in a larger program, Michael’s ability to open the eyes, minds, and hearts of his audience is an invaluable tool and an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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