About Michael Israel

“When Imagination Exceeds Reality, Dreams are Born!”

Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and world leaders jet Michael across the globe to share his vision and masterpieces with their most important people at prestigious venues such as Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, the Olympic Medals stage in Salt Lake with Brooks & Dunn, the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting with Warren Buffett, and for Presidential portraits in Washington, DC.

Michael takes the stage, and chaos ensues, a madman with paint and paintbrushes flying wildly, painting in rhythm to powerful music with no apparent purpose, yet when the last splash of paint lands on the canvas, goosebumps raise, and the entire room cheers in the realization that each stroke was indeed precise and with a profound purpose boldly emanating from his canvasses. Even decades after witnessing Michael, fans still rave, yet none can truly explain it to those who have not experienced it!

One must only be present to be drawn in, engaged, and experience a visceral connection between the music, art, and message which goes in through the eyes and ears and lands profoundly on the heart – there are audible gasps from the audience as Michael paints, passing energy back and forth with the cheering crowd. 

Michael’s Works4Charity™ initiative has given millions in art and entertainment for many worthy causes, including the Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, Komen Breast Cancer, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.