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Before COVID, I helped charities raise funds by performing at their live events to draw attendees and sponsors, and auctioning my artwork after each show brought millions of dollars extra revenue for those charities.

COVID canceled live events killing important revenue streams, and left charities with limited staff and resources for fundraising, but not without new opportunities! 

Sheltering-in-place has made virtual entertainment a necessity and meaningful art to fill homes – priceless.

Your opportunity is here and now to reach out, inspire your constituents, and fill them with passion and purpose for your cause!  


With decades of web, film, entertainment, and live auction experience, our team got to work producing extraordinary virtual events —individual events have generated over $340,000! Our virtual art auctions alone have raised up to $165,000 in a single night! 

With a dynamic team and state of the art studio, I’ve created the 20for21 Virtual Concert Series! 

My goal is to underwrite and produce 20 virtual benefit concerts for 20 charities in 2021, with each event individually branded for a single charity and its sponsors.

This is my most ambitious charity program ever!  I am investing time, money, and resources so charities hit by COVID restrictions can stay connected with donors and raise immediate funds without tying up their staff or getting stuck with out of pocket expenses. Instead of each charity having to finance and produce their event, each charity awarded this program will only focus on inviting their constituents! For complete transparency, all proceed from each event will go directly to the beneficiary charity for that event!  

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Recent Virtual Art Auctions

Faine House

ITEC Foundation

Dove House

Should You Do it?

no, no, no, no, YES! YES!


There is no effort, no out of pocket expenses, no risk, and no stress for you or your team. 

YES! It is underwritten and produced for you! And, YES! It’s a no brainer!

Contact us now before our 20 for 21 Concerts are booked up. 

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How it Works


Who is this for?

This program is available on a firstcomefirstserved basis for any charity or nonprofit. We underwrite and produce each benefit concert. We invest our time and money so charities hit by COVID restrictions can stay connected with donors and raise immediate funds without tying up their staff or getting stuck with out of pocket expenses.

What does my charity have to do?

The only thing your charity needs to do is invite people via your regular channels such as emails and social media. There is no requirement to do any paid advertising. We’ll help by providing graphics and videos for your use. 

How does the charity receive funds?

We’ll connect your Stripe payment processing account. Every online payment will go directly to your charity’s account, and any payments by check will be sent to your charity in your charity’s name. In addition to admission tickets and art sales, you’ll also have the option to sell sponsorships.

Event Agenda

Before Doors Open

Guests arriving early will be greeted by a “starting soon” video filled with info about your charity, your sponsors, and the concert. You can provide video content or have us produce an “About the Charity” video at no charge.

Welcome Party

Doors open into a live interactive cocktail party where our professional host, a talented audience coordinator will greet waiting guests and newly arriving guests. He’ll get everyone pumped up for the event and show them how to enjoy the interactive features of our platform.

in no time, guests will be chatting with the host and among themselves, posting selfies, and videos! Because it’s live, our host can go longer or shorter as needed to keep everyone entertained until the majority of guests have arrived.


Official Charity Welcome

The cocktail party will transition into an Official Charity Welcome which can be a pre-recorded video message from your charity or our host can speak about your charity and mission.



Our host will turn the presentation to our auctioneer who will introduce Michael.

The Concert

Michael will greet everyone, then do a 20-minute performance. He will encourage comments, cheers, and other interaction, and he usually takes time to speak with audience members in between paintings. 

The Auction

When the final painting is completed, our live-stream director will transition the scene to our auctioneer in an elegant 3-D virtual art gallery displaying the artwork Michael just painted along with a few other artworks for auction.

The Finale

When the sales are completed, (It is typical that everything is sold and extra works are commissioned too!), the scene will shift to Michael in his green room to say thank you and invite people to stay for the after party. One last scene transition to a pre-recorded Thank You video from the charity, and on to the after party.

How do buyers get their art?

We’ll handle delivering the sold artwork.