Going virtual has been on my todo list for years! I looked at all the platforms out there and there just is not anything out there that gives the interactive feel of a real in-person event. I wanted a platform where I could connect with everyone! Something totally customizable, artistic, colorful, fun, and exciting! I also needed something to be able to sell art and other items but that did not require people to go through a lengthy registration process and have to remember a bunch of passwords… Gees we’ve got enough passwords to deal with as it is!

With such an open and inviting platform, I needed so sort of control against spammers, and hackers too. It is like playing Jenga, put a block here, pull a block there and everything falls down! I’m no quitter and my team isn’t either. We’ve are techy Jenga masters and have built the most fun, exciting, and functional virtual event platform ever! Our last event was big fun and a huge success. Message me or reply to this post if you’d like to attend our next virtual event or if you are a charity that had to cancel your live in-person gala, we can help you reach your patrons, give them a great time, and help you raise some operating funds.

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