Be an Artist!

We all have dreams, hopes, and wishes. We’ve all heard you don’t get if you don’t ask… Things won’t change if you don’t act!

And yet so many remain stuck in the hamster wheel running in an endless circle, never reaching those dreams, hopes, and wish.

There are so many many reasons. Our habits, tolerances, fear of failure, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of being laughed at or put down hold us back.

I’m going to give you a new superpower! All you need to do “Be an Artist” for 2020! I do not mean you need to draw, paint, or sculpt. You need to have an artist’s heart, an artist’s mindset. An artist already thought of as outside the norm. Artists have a license to be different and expected to do the things others can’t or won’t.

Next time you want to do or say something… first say to yourself, “It’s OK, I’m an Artist!” Then after, whatever the outcome, whether you are praised or ridiculed, just say… “It’s OK; I am an Artist!”

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